The history of the ski school Rot Weiss Rot

Young and old have been learning to ski in our ski school for years and enjoy their best time of the year. But how did it all start and how did we become the ski school we are today? We take a look into the past and take a closer look at the history of the ski school Rot Weiss Rot.Back then, at the ski school St.Johann Alpendorf under the direction of Siegi Baumgartner, two ambitious young men worked who wanted to make themselves a name in ski instructing. The names of the two ski instructors were Siegi Kreidenhuber and Gerhard Sint. The two were good friends and shared the position of chief ski instructor at the ski school St.Johann Alpendorf. When Siegi Baumgartner released the ski school for sale in 1991, the two friends seized the opportunity, became business partners and bought the ski school St.Johann Alpendorf. That was when Sint & Kreidenhuber GesbR was born. After their first season as ski school managers, they expanded their company to include a ski rental and a small sports goods store. The business premises for this was the "Blockhaus" that still exists today. A few years later the company expanded further by opening the “Gondelbüro” branch directly in the valley station of the Alpendorf mountain railways. The ski school and the ski rental quickly became established in local tourism and so a loyal international customer base quickly built up. Then as now, the guests came increasingly from Germany, Holland, Belgium, England and the USA. Another big step for the two partners was the expansion into the neighboring town of Wagrain. In 2003 Sint & Kreidenhuber GesbR opened its first branch in a rented business premises in Wagrain and initially only started with a ski rental. In 2005 the two entrepreneurs managed to acquire a building site directly at the valley station of the Grafenbergbahn and the current location of the ski school Rot Weiss Rot Wagrain was built. In 2007 Siegi Kreidenhuber and Gerhard Sint obtained a ski school license for the Wagrain location and since then have run a ski school in addition to the ski rental and sports shop. In 2008 the business premises in Wagrain were renovated for the first time. In addition to increasing the sales area, a new room for the ski service was created. The ski school in Wagrain has also developed very positively over the years and so from the initial 6 to 7 regular ski instructors became around 40 ski instructors who look after our guests in Wagrain throughout the winter, who increasingly come from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Holland and Belgium.In 2009 Sint & Kreidenhuber GesbR took over the ski school and the ski rental in Siegi Kreidenhuber's hometown in the municipality of Goldegg. After a season in a rented business premises, a small ski school office with ski rental was also built there. In 2010 the company name was changed from Sint & Kreidenhuber GesbR to Sint & Kreidenhuber OG.In 2018, the Wagrain location was rebuilt again and the ski rental and storage room were expanded. And with this career, the ski school Rot Weiss Rot became what it is today with 5 branches and 3 own staff houses. At this point we would like to thank all of our guests and employees who have always supported us actively over the years.


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